Janmashtami 2018 at The Ponds, Sydney

  • August 02 2019
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The Hindu community in Sydney came together with two huge and joyous celebrations for Krishna's birthday.

The first festival was co-hosted by The Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, and was held at the Granville Town Hall.

Supported by an indefatigable stellar cast of volunteers, Sydney did themselves proud!

Shout out to the following volunteers, who pulled the event feast together, making sure every guest had ample prasad to eat:

Yogesh Mehra
Ajoy Khoma
Sumesh Sibbal
Gurmel Sing
Rajat Midha
Vivek Johri
Ajoy Gosh

On the second night, Ashraya and The Australian School of Meditation & Yoga were invited to attend the vibrant cultural ceremony organised by The Hindu Council of Australia at The Ponds.

Festivities were absolutely abundant!

Krishna deity was invited, as Ashraya performed live kirtan and the magnificent dioramas were presented to the 800 strong crowd in the packed auditorium of The Ponds School.

This is the first year which our guest artist, Jagannath dasi from the Gold Coast Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, presented the glorious miniature scenes of Krishna's pastimes.

The beautiful scenes delighted and fascinated all viewers, who were happy to take many videos and photos to immortalise into treasured memories.




Krishna lifts Goverdhan hill small statue diorama gollu display lifting Krishna hill hands with friends in vrindavan

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