Krishna’s Birthday – Gold Coast 2015

  • August 05 2019
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In a room strung with fairy lights and graced with boughs of fragrant jasmine, Krishna's birthday was celebrated.

Swathed in turquoise and aqua, sprinkled with star-like flowers of white jonquil, creamy white shells and rose scented water, the atmosphere was delightful - perfect to welcome Krishna on His Birthday! (Read our page "who is Krishna" if you haven't read it already!)

An arc of illuminated moons swung above while the fairy lights twinkled from the gauzy veils behind. The mood was set and Krishna's birthday party - Gold Coast 2015- dazzled!

Welcoming the guests with kirtan, the party launched to the dulcet tones of Ashraya.

Madya Lila from Ashraya posted about this event: "Beautiful Krishna at Janmastami 2015 stole all hearts! Amazing decoration and set up by Sita and a wonderful team of helpers. Praiseworthy feast lovingly created by Monika G and friends and fantastic music, chanting and songs by Ashraya and the choir of angels and a room full of people singing from their hearts. Feeling so fortunate to have such beautiful friends to share this special day with. Already looking forward to Janmastami 2016!

We had some amazing feedback from friends on Facebook:

Ruth O'S Gold Coast: Loved every minute! Thank you everyone who made the night spectacular xxx

Debora G.Gold Coast It was absolutely amazing:) can't wait for next year!!!

Irina McB. Was such a joyful experience!

Candace Earl Thanks for a beautiful night Madya Lila

Ambarissa Stone It was such an amazing night! Thank you <3

And many more warm and glowing comments on the night!

Still walking on air after such an amazing Janmastami celebration on Sunday night! A great big thank you to the amazing team of volunteers who pulled together this incredible evening ~ the set up team who transformed The Mantra Room into a thing of beauty, the chefs who cooked an extraordinary feast, Ashraya and the Choir of Angels for the beautiful music, and the people who were there at the very end packing, sweeping and carrying.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and joined in so wholeheartedly, and the biggest thanks of all to beautiful Sri Krishna! Janmastami parties are the best festive celebration of the year for families to come together in a family-friendly festive environment and truly experience a spiritual celebration of joy and love.



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offering respects to sri krishna birthday janmastami

Krishna’s Birthday – Gold Coast 2015

In a room strung with fairy lights and graced with boughs of fragrant jasmine, Krishna’s birthday was celebrated. Swathed in turquoise and aqua,

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