Darwin Celebrates Krishna’s Birthday 2019

  • October 05 2019
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Every year our celebrations for Krishna's birthday increase in beauty and fun!

Our enthusiastic decorative crew put together a sparkling festival atmosphere to welcome our valued guests from the community and wider areas. We were swept away with the jazz and rock ambience of Pralad & The Chants and their unique mantra rock sound!

This year, 2019, Darwin was delighted to welcome the return of renowned spiritual speaker, Acharya das. Visiting us here in Darwin for the 3rd year, audience attendance and interest grows more and more each year. Having him with us to celebrate this wonderful occasion was a real treat. He shared the sacred storytelling of Sri Krishna’s birth which had the audience captivated.

Acharya das then offered Sri Krishna the beautiful welcoming ceremony called arati. Everyone was mesmerised and enthusiastically received the blessings of this ceremony.

krishnas birthday kirtan band prahlad and the chants playing a beautiful kirtan with harmonium and electric guitar rock style in darwin with australian school of meditation and yoga
krishnas birthday arotik ceremony with acharaya das offering a whisk in darwin with australian school of meditation and yoga
krishnas birthday arotik ceremony flowers darwin with australian school of meditation and yoga


The Indian community in Darwin are vibrant and fun - it is a deeply joyous festival where everyone comes together and opens their hearts to the loving experience.  The festival hosts people of every denomination - while our Indian friends are always there in force, we also have many non-Indian friends who deeply relish this experience.
This year we welcomed over 250 individuals and many of them were children too! This is such a fun family celebration!

Bathing of baby Krishna is such a sacred part of this celebration and loved by children and adults alike. Plus the wonderful opportunity to offer Krishna fragrant flowers as an expression of our love and appreciation for Him.
We know it's not the main event, but the food was unbelievably amazing - a pure vegetarian Indian traditional style meal that was relished... mmm mm! Many volunteers helped out with the devotional cooking and the local restaurant, Yogi’s Way, kindly donated large quantities of food.
Building a greater festival atmosphere yearly, this year we had a special past diorama cut out for Krishna and his Vrindavan (his residence). It was greatly admired, and our dream team Kalindi & Ben are already working on a special surprise for 2020!
Make sure that you join us for this beautiful birthday celebration of Bhagawan Sri Krishna - it really is an event not to be missed! Join our newsletter so you'll be updated specifically for Janmastami events annually - this celebration is a heart warmer, and you need to experience it!


This beautiful clip shows the amazing sound they are known for, in Australia and more widely across the world (although it wasn't taken in Darwin this year!).

Photos by the wonderfully talented Sita Carolina - thank you so much!


Krishna lifts Goverdhan hill small statue diorama gollu display lifting Krishna hill hands with friends in vrindavan

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