The Wonderful Appearance of Bhagawan Shri Krishna- Gold Coast 2021

  • July 31 2022
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Rising like a beautiful sunrise, the wonderful appearance of Bhagawan Shri Krishna is celebrated anually with great joy and festivities, as circumstances allow.

During the covid19 lockdown precautions in Australia, and navigating the constantly shifting public safety mandates, ardent spiritual seekers came together to share the light of love and warm their hearts at the fire of spiritual satisfaction.

Celebrating for the very first time in the beautiful new yoga and meditation venue custom built by the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga team, Krishna’s appearance was most joyously observed.

With special abhishek observed, a small form of Shri Krishna was lovingly bathed in special preparations and great pomp and ceremony. 


krishnas birthday arotik ceremony flowers darwin with australian school of meditation and yoga

“Immersive Celebrations for Shri Krishna”

With a special sacred essence imbuing the airwaves, everyone was very satisfied to observe the decorations and uplifting atmosphere. 


The celebrations for Shri Krishna Janmastami 


Krishna lifts Goverdhan hill small statue diorama gollu display lifting Krishna hill hands with friends in vrindavan

The Wonderful Appearance of Bhagawan Shri Krishna- Gold Coast 2021

Wonderful Abhishek ceremony with Sri Krishna Janmastami focused on celebrating the appearance day of Shri Krishna

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